Boy Division

Bringing Home The Bacon

Release Date: 05/25/2018 · Format: 7"/Digital · Catalog-No: GR 956

The Boys are back in town! We're more than happy to announce that the notorious noise rockers from Hamburg will release their new 5-Track 7” with Glitterhouse Records on May 25. Boy Division are going acoustic for a change. Expect some wonderful covers of Devo, The Smiths, The Bee Gees, R.E.M. and Nick Waterhouse.

Bringing Home The Bacon ist the follow-up to the bands 2012 7” Damaged Goods (Glitterhouse Records). Recorded and mixed with Ronnie Alien of Alien Boys and Kommando Sonnenmilch. Ladies & Gentlemen: that’s entertainment!

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01 Some Place
02 Staying Alive
03 Mongoloid
04 Losing My Religion
05 Panic

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